TEMPTRESS: Around the World

Photo by Kathleen Cavalaro/ Bird & Bough

Photo by Kathleen Cavalaro/Bird & Bough

Act II Scene 2 of Temptress, lovingly referred to by our cast and crew as the “around the world” scene (or, not so lovingly, depending on how the light board is treating our hard-working Michelle) began its life as a short story titled “Before the Flood.” It was, in fact, the first piece I’d written in years that was not about the Silver family. How, then, did it end up becoming such a pivotal scene in the trial of Professor Michael Silver?

First, because it’s the most emotionally honest piece I’ve ever written about infidelity. It took me removing Michael’s name (and all the baggage that comes with writing him) to write it, but it was always a Michael story. In some ways, it was the Michael story I’d been trying to write since 1998.

Second, it’s there to serve as a vehicle for an amazing actress, which is one of the key reasons for the whole script’s existence actually. And we’ve got just such an actress in Jennifer Henry. The complicated one-scene journey of Carrie from colleague to confidant to almost lover is something she has perfected. The intense relationships that develop during conferences and plays—both of which I looked to for inspiration—are a hard thing to explain to someone who has never experienced one. But Jen, as Carrie, shows us. It is an exquisite piece of acting to watch and to be a part of.

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Photo by Kathleen Cavalaro/Bird & Bough