TEMPTRESS: The Woman for Him

Photo by Kathleen Cavalaro/ Bird & Bough Marketing

Photo by Kathleen Cavalaro/Bird & Bough Marketing

After a couple of days off, we’re back with a new Temptress still by Kathleen Cavalaro.

In Temptress, Michael Silver’s wife Jenna is played by my college friend (and Spotlight Award winner) Crystal Lisbon, and I think it’s a great touch we’ve known each other almost as long as Michael and Jenna have. When we’re playing young Michael and young Jenna mid-play, we can almost remember when we were that young.


Jenna is the woman Michael has needed in his life all along. She’s an artist too, so she knows where he’s coming from, but she’s a realist and a pragmatist as well. She can dream with him, but she can also keep him from floating away into the clouds of his imagination.

Everyone knows how good Jenna is for Michael, but our protagonist, Michael’s niece Tracy, isn’t so sure that Michael remembers.

Temptress opens a week from today, on Friday, January 24, 2014. Get your tickets here.