TEMPTRESS: Three Hellos and a Goodbye

The first play I did in high school was a children’s play where parts were written for nearly everyone who auditioned. And I kind of loved that idea, that you got everyone involved who wanted to be involved.

Last summer, after seeing three exceptionally talented women audition for the part of Vern in Crossroads (or The Piano of Death), I cast one of them in the role and wrote in parts for the other two to flesh out a weak area of the script. It worked out beautifully—in my biased opinion, at least—and I got the chance to add Teddi Kenick-Bailey and Elise Williams to a cast that wouldn’t have had room for them otherwise.

This summer, I’ve been working to do the same with Temptress. More talent showed up to our auditions than I ever could have expected, and though I couldn’t write in parts for everyone—the story has to come first, after all—there were three parts, vaguely hinted at in earlier drafts that, when fleshed out, offered me the chance to bring in three talents that I would have had to say ‘No’ to otherwise.

Samantha Bagdon is joining the cast in the role of Tana. She is a 2013 graduate of Plymouth State University and spent this past summer touring with Little Red Wagon children’s theatre company. She is currently in rehearsals for Shrek at the Rochester Opera House, which opens in October. She’ll be appearing in the ensemble and understudying Fiona.

Gwyn Codd is joining the cast in the role of Tori. She is a student at Dover High School who has been acting and dancing around New Hampshire all her life. Temptress will be her Players’ Ring debut, but she has appeared elsewhere in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, as Liesel in The Sound of Music, and as the Ghost of Christmas Past in A Christmas Carol.

Michael Lavoie is joining the cast in the role of Tucker. He is a 2013 graduate of Salem High School who is the midst of his mainstage debut at the Ring in Black Mayo. Earlier this summer, he appeared in “Reminiscing” and “The Day Off” during the Ring’s Late Night Summer Series.

I couldn’t be happier to have all three aboard.

And that, of course, softens the blow of the bad news I have to deliver. Due to scheduling conflicts, the wonderful Kolby Hume has had to leave the cast and her role as Jenna. If you’ve seen her in How I Learned to Drive or Black Mayo, you know what a talent we’re losing. And if you haven’t seen her perform, you’ve still got three chances to see her in Mayo and a whopping nine chances to see her in the forthcoming A Lie of the Mind, which features a cast pretty much as awesome as the one we’re assembling here.

As soon as we’ve got someone to fill the role, we’ll let you know. Until then, we wish Kolby nothing but the best and look forward to seeing her work in other venues, all of which will be blessed to have her.

NewsE. Christopher Clark