The Best of All Worlds


As I type this, my six-year-old daughter is in the other room watching Hannah Montana on Netflix. I’d known for quite some time the general premise of the show, that pop star Hannah is a secret identity for the thoroughly average Miley (or vice-versa, I guess), but I’d never seen so much as a YouTube clip of it. So, a few minutes ago, when it was time to staple syllabi together for tomorrow’s first English composition class of the semester, I hopped into the other room and watched with her as I collated.

Now, watch as I make a ham-fisted transiton!

For years, I’ve lived a couple (or more) different lives online. Most recently, from 2008 through 2011, I was running two distinct Websites: Geek Force Five, and this Website you’re reading right now, And figuring out what the line was between those two online identities—and why there was a line to begin with—was something I spent way too much time thinking about.

When I set out to create a new earlier this year, my goal was to abandon the secret identities and to create something that was, to use Miley’s parlance, “the best of both worlds.” In typical fashion, I was a little too formal when I said, in “The Site To Come,” that I hoped to create “an online presence that honors the type of creator that I think I am, but that keeps intact the fun of the sites that I've built before,” but I think you got the point (assuming you read it).

To that end, among the things this new Website will feature is a full archive of every blog I’ve ever kept. I’m hoping that by including the Geek Force Five stuff here, and the That Little Bastad stuff that came before that, I’ll remember to keep things light and fun on occasion as I move forward.

But that’s really only the tip of the iceberg cliché for what I have planned here. The site will also feature accessible stories by me, both from the archives and freshly hatched. This week I'm starting with “The Carcass of the Ghost,” a story previously found only in the 2011 issue of Commonthought magazine.

Here’s one last note, before I go cook Kaylee and I some dinner: everything’s still under construction. It’s in beta. But one thing I realized along the way to creating this Website is that I fiddle too much, and if I kept fiddling until it was “done,” it would never be done. So, there are only six stories available in the Collected Works at launch (but they’re six really good ones!) and I’ve only got the blogs partially imported (I’ve been blogging since 1999, so I hope you’ll bear with me there), but I’m ready to get going. So, here we go.

Here. We. Go.

NewsE. Christopher Clark