The Kickstarter Pitch

Geek Force Five was successfully funded through Kickstarter on Sunday, May 12, 2013. Here’s the original pitch.

To pay the bills, I teach college students how to write better fiction. But I don’t think of the short story as an inherently superior art form. It’s my drug of choice, but it’s not the only way to tell a story. Film, song, photography, and even the lowly comic book—I’ve been moved by their narratives, too.

Since 1995, when I joined the staff of The Bradford ReView, I’ve been passionate about the production of literary magazines. I love the mix of storytelling that goes on in such publications. Prose, verse, illustration, and photography come together. The final product is always greater than the sum of its parts.

And the advent of the eBook has made even greater amalgamations possible. Now that we read on the same devices that we also watch video on and listen to music with, why not push the literary anthology to its logical extreme?

That’s where this project, Geek Force Five, comes in. It’s a multimedia anthology that will include short fiction, film, music, photography, comics, and more. You can download a free proof-of-concept issue right now.

So what are we going to use the money for, you might ask, when the cost of electronic distribution and production is so low? We’re going to pay our contributors. Too often, writers and other artists are asked to peddle the fruits of their labor for little to no monetary gain. I want to do better. Each contributor to Geek Force Five will be paid an initial fee out of the funds we raise, as well as a share of the profits from the volume their contribution appears in.

Our goal is to publish new volumes in this series on a regular basis, perhaps as many as five times a year, but we need your help to make it possible. Our initial fundraising goal is $500, which should cover the first volume. For every $500 we raise beyond that goal, we’ll put another volume into production.

We’re on the precipice of something truly awesome here. Take the leap. Join the Geek Force Five.