The Process


I am a big fan of articles about the process of creation. My friend Bryan Ballinger posts a ton of these over on his Breadwig blog. And another place that I've been seeing them lately is Gelatometti, the blog kept by the artists in Jim Lee's Wildstorm stable. The image above is a detail of the three steps Oliver Nome (at least I think it's Oliver Nome; no last name is given) took to create a relatively stunning image of the Wildstorm Comics character Nemesis. See the full article here. It includes a full look at the finished piece.

And friends, heed this bit of advice: if you're an artist of any stripe, seek out the writings and teachings of the people who inspire you. See how they did it, and if you don't already do it that way, give their methods a try. Whatever you do, seek inspiration from the masters. Don't always make it up as you go along. Study the process.