The Romantics

This week, I continued work on the story-in-emails that I started on last week. This picks up a little less than three years later, during another milestone moment for the characters. Enjoy this snippet!

I was up before both of them this morning, slumped back into the cushions of our lumpy old couch, and I was scrolling through comments on my latest LJ. Des’ dinosaur of a computer was heavy and hot in my lap, but I kept scrolling because I didn’t want to work on the extra book talk that Mrs. Carlson is making me do to show the rest of the class “how it’s done.”

Their voices were quiet at first, as if they were trying not to wake me. But I could tell that, whatever the deal was, it was not a good deal. So I closed the lid of the computer and set it on the coffee table next to the plate of toast I’d been nibbling on. Then I tip-toed toward their bedroom and leaned my head against the wall.

“Yeah,” Des was saying, “okay, but are you saying we take her out of school just so we can be the first?”

“You want to take a chance and wait until after school?” asked Mom.

“What chance?” said Des. “You think they’re going to be all ‘Just kidding’ and it’ll be illegal again by three o’clock?”

And, of course, that’s when I knew what they were talking about for sure. So I stomped over to their door and pounded on it with my fist.

The door creaked open, Mom hiding behind Des and wrapping a sheet around herself. She sleeps naked, my mom. Maybe I’m not supposed to tell you that. Maybe you didn’t need to know that about your cousin. But I’m mad, so I’m telling you everything.

“Did we wake you?” asked Des.

“You said!” I said, shaking a finger at them. “You said you were going to wait until Uncle Michael could be here. And Aunt Jenna and Uncle Matt and Auntie — ”

“I know,” said Des, nodding slowly, giving me that mom look that Mom is totally bad at.

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