The Strangest Places

  1. In a car on Route 6 down the Cape, in the dark, while the dude drove, though that time it was just her mouth.
  2. On camera, in a dream, with everyone standing in line on Boylston Street in Boston to see the new Apple Store open, where they told her she was much better than a free t-shirt and a red sock for their iPods.
  3. In an orange grove, under the stars, with two guys from the band, one gentle as the harmonies he sang, one as driving and methodical as the rhythms he pounded out.
  4. After a high school reunion, in the library’s back room, with a girl who’d teased her about her weight back in the day; they held each other after each had admitted what their mutual ex had done to them.
  5. With the surgeon who took her breasts from her, while wiping away the tears he cried as he told her the cancer was back, that it would not go away. Him, she loved the hardest, the longest, because he would not forgive himself, because if he could not fix her then maybe she could fix him.

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