Three New Clips from CAPTAIN AMERICA

The fine folks at Hypable, a new fan-powered entertainment Website from the makers of the Potter-centric Mugglenet, have dug up three new clips from Captain America: The First Avenger. And while the clips do offer, in the words of Hypable’s James Bean, “outstanding footage,” the soundtrack in each has us here at Geek Force Five HQ a bit worried.

In small doses, during the action scenes, the music does kind of work. But check out how overpowering and jarring the tune playing behind this scene of Steve Roger’s transformation into Cap is:

Man, on mute, this scene is sooooo good. But, with the music — and, to be fair, maybe it’s just the sort of soundtrack that doesn’t work in short clips, out of context — it feels cheesy and overdone.

For an example of how the film plays without the soundtrack, check out this geekout-worthy clip of Cap choosing his shield:

Much better, right?

We don’t know what Alan Silvestri is doing here as the composer, but it’s not working for us. With the movie out next Friday, it’s too late to fix it now, so we’re just hoping that it’s only the awkwardness of being out of context that’s bothering us. The soundtrack clips we heard over here do work better in big doses — a helluva lot better, actually — so this could be us just worrying about nothing, but what do you think?