We Read Pancakes

Every Wednesday, I take a look at what my family and I have been reading over the past week.

This week, I read:

  • the final bits of Tin House #59, which, to be honest, underwhelmed me a great deal, none of the stories I read over the last two weeks really sticking in my brain;
  • Guardians of the Galaxy #11 and All-New X-Men #23, the second and third parts of The Trial of Jean Grey storyline, an X-Men in space yarn—one of my favorite kinds of X-stories, to be honest—that I’m enjoying way more than the Earth 603 Podcast had me believing I would; and
  • the short story “Pancakes,” by my friend John Herman, which was published in Bastion Science Fiction Magazine #6, their September 2014 issue. I have a long history with “Pancakes,” having directed and acted in a performance of its stage-play counterpart as part of An Evening of Steampunk and Robot Theatre back in the autumn of 2010; later, I reprised the role of Charlie in an unreleased short film version of the story. It’s a piece that I’ve adored in all its many forms, but I think John may have found the perfect structure for it in this short story. The dialogue in “Pancakes” has always crackled, but it benefits greatly from the other methods of character presentation that John employs here, as subtle and understated as they might be. The brief journeys we take into Charlie’s head, most notably the one that happens after the Attendant says “I understand,” are exactly the sort of thing that a short story can do that a stage play or a film never could. John has learned from each version of this story he’s written and that’s evident here. I couldn’t be prouder to have been a small part of the evolution of this piece.

This week, Stephanie continued to slog through The Path of Daggers. Gosh, how I love the word slog. And that’s really the only word that comes to mind when I see a book by Robert Jordan.

Or George R.R. Martin, for that matter. Though I’ve never read any of the volumes of A Song of Ice and Fire, I look at those things and wonder how anyone can do it.

This week, Kaylee read:

Lastly, this week at bedtime we read to our girls:

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