What I'm Writing

If you look below, you'll find updates on a play I'm doing, a film I helped write, and an album I produced in 28 days. But I'm a writer, first and foremost. So, what have I been writing?

Well, at the moment, much of my writing time is devoted to my blog, Geek Force Five. But I have spent much of the early part of this year working on short stories, things that I can (and have) sent out to magazines and anthologies to raise my profile. And soon, soon I plan to begin work on two new scripts for the stage: a short play to be considered for inclusion in An Evening of Apocalyptic Theatre, and a full-length work I've been tinkering with for years that puts a modern twist on Oedipus Rex.

I am also, of course, hard at work finding a home for my finished novel, Down the Cape. So, if you're an agent or a publisher who'd like to work with me on bringing that into the world, let me know.