River Muse: Tales of Lowell & The Merrimack Valley

Featuring “Hard to Find” by E. Christopher Clark, River Muse was described by David Capella of Central Connecticut University as, “a wide-ranging anthology of stories from various Merrimack Valley area writers, including unpublished work by Jack Kerouac, [which] deftly illustrates this fact: fertile literary imaginations continue to grow along the Merrimack River Valley. The writers in these pages, grounded in a literary tradition as deep as those along the Hudson River Valley and the Connecticut River Valley, reflect a uniquely modern aspect of the New England character, one shaped by grave-yard shifts, neighborhood dives, comic book stores, immigrants, and railroad yards. Their stories give us the unvarnished life of a people and a place steeped in lore yet brimming with new mysteries. In doing so, they herald the region’s latest revival.”

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