Michael Silver

Michael Silver is a character in the Clarkwoods Literary Universe. He was born in Lowell, Massachusetts in October 1977, the son of Albert and Michaela. He has a younger sister, Ashley, and two cousins who were like siblings to him growing up: Matt and Veronica.

He attended public school in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, graduating from Chelmsford High School in 1995. He received his BA in Individual Studies from Kimball College in 1999 and his MFA in studio art from the University of Hawaii in 2004. He was a founding member of the Association for the Study of Sequential Art; his thesis on the identity of the 1940s pin-up artist Nick Gold, which he claimed to be an alias of his great-aunt Dottie Silver, has garnered him some notoriety in modern art and gender studies circles.

Outside of his academic work, Michael gained a small degree of local fame as the lead vocalist for the Boston-based band Gideon’s Bible, where he worked alongside the late singer-songwriter Robin Gates, early in her career.

On 28 April 2001, he married Jenna Worthing, who he met during his time at Kimball College. While the couple had no children of their own, Michael served, after his cousin Veronica’s 2000 divorce, as a surrogate father figure to Vern’s daughter Tracy.